Relying on Others Every Day

Relying on Others Every Day

Its hard to constantly have to rely on others.  My father would help me out each month with my cell phone bill, car insurance, and grocery bills.  My boyfriend who owned a Tree Service in Danbury Connecticut would help me out constantly with my rent, but he didn’t even live with me.

Life is surely hard when you have to constantly rely on other people because you’re so busy starving financially in a non-profit job.   You know me pretty well now, and you know I’m a hard worker.

I knew it was time to separate myself from the non-profit lifestyle when I had trouble affording to feed by 4 cats.  I had to let Karny go, and honestly – that broke my heart.  Karny was my favorite kitty, and I had rescued him from an neglectful owner over 6 years ago.

The Separation

lips sealedI felt like I lost a part of me when I left the non-profit lifestyle.  It was really difficult not to be that badass chick anymore.  I wanted to be somebody, and stand for something.

The hardest part was hiding my beliefs.  I’m a very opinionated woman, and in the work place outside of my non-profit I had to keep my lips sealed.

No woman should ever have to keep quiet over matters that they care about.  Freedom of speech is a right, but I know that if I start regularly voicing my opinions in the workplace that I won’t be making any friends.  I constantly have to remind myself that the goal is to make money, and keep afloat.

The goal is no longer…  Animal Rights.

My Story

My Story

I talked a lot in my two previous posts, starting out and the “good people” mirage.  I eluded to the fact that I was screwed over by a non-profit.  I was working with a non-profit after my early days in PETA of which I can’t say the name due to a non-disclosure agreement.

I can provide one hint however.  Follow this link to see the “Top-Rated Non-profits”.  The non-profit in which I ruined my life trying to serve is on this page.

Pros & Cons of Non-Profit Work

The Good:

  • Benefits (non-profits get a bargain deal on insurance for their members)
  • Time off (100% around their schedule, but when it happens it is plentiful!  My non-profit would give us two weeks every summer)
  • Positivity (people are filled with positivity)
  • Not-like-work (working for a non-profit is rewarding instead of taxing)

The Bad:

  • No Personal Life (seriously – you have zero time)
  • Cult like Atmosphere (sacrificing everything for the greater good of the cause even if that means skipping out on important special events)
  • No time for your family & friends outside of work (the biggest problem is the unreliable work/life balance)
  • Lack of life skill development (there are necessary skills needed to work outside of non-profits, and you learn zero of these while working with non-profit.)

regretsHonestly after spending 5 years working in a non-profit I deep down regret staying there that long, but don’t regret going there in the first place.  When I first got there I was far from a professional.  I was late almost everyday, and didn’t really do much.  I was shy, timid, and a nervous wreck speaking in front of people.

The non-profit I worked for really helped me become the person I am today.  It shaped me, and taught me many things.  There is definitely a lack of skill development like I mentioned earlier because sales is the key to economy.  Working in a non-profit never taught me how to harness my natural selling ability or that I needed to have alternate revenue streams to survive.

I think if I spent an even 3 years in self-development, and immediately went on to start my own business than that would be been a better route.  Creating your own business is one hell of a ride!

The “Good People” Mirage

The “Good People” Mirage

As a continuation from my previous post entitled “Starting Out” in which I talked about the struggle of working for a non-profit; I’m going to fill ya’ll into something I call the “Good People” Mirage.

petaThere is no such thing as a good person.  Seriously!  Don’t even think about contacting me with a discussion on this topic.  Leave a it in the comments (if I even let you post).

Everyone is in it for themselves.  Even when I was deep in the non-profit cult lifestyle of PETA there was a big self-loathing towards the others in the group.  Other people were getting all the credit.  I wanted the credit!  I wanted to be the PETA lady who everyone listened to.

I don’t disagree that PETA is a great cause (join PETA) but living off a non-profit salary is next to impossible.  On top of that you don’t really learn how the world works.  Your more or less in a cult.  Cult life is what matters…  Rallies…  Signs…  Hate…

The people in PETA weren’t nice people.  Honestly, we were quite mean, rotten and nasty to anyone who disagreed with anything we believed in.

How’s that that for being a good person?


Starting Out

Starting Out

nonprofitBefore kids, my own business and success & fame there was just me working my days off at a non-profit.  I thought to myself that this non-profit was the best thing that I could be doing with my life.  I thought since I was doing something positive for the world that I would get something in return.

The Non-Profit Lifestyle

The non-profit lifestyle was much different than you’d think.  From the outside looking in we were never taken seriously because of how often we’d be ask for donations or how easy our work was thought to be.

The truth is that our work wasn’t that easy, and on top of it we were not getting paid much for it.  Saying that you’ve dedicated your life to working with the animal rights movement, and actually working with the animal rights movement are two completely different things.

Allison Green has a great article on What you should know before getting into a non-profit career.  To sum it up – you’re basically doing the same thing you’d be doing in a for profit for less pay, less fame, and “making a difference”.

As I revealed in on my About Page there is a reason I was on the street with three kids, and non-profits have a lot to do with it.

Note:  Please do not contact me requesting inside knowledge.  More content will come out soon.