Relying on Others Every Day

Relying on Others Every Day

Its hard to constantly have to rely on others.  My father would help me out each month with my cell phone bill, car insurance, and grocery bills.  My boyfriend who owned a Tree Service in Danbury Connecticut would help me out constantly with my rent, but he didn’t even live with me.

Life is surely hard when you have to constantly rely on other people because you’re so busy starving financially in a non-profit job.   You know me pretty well now, and you know I’m a hard worker.

I knew it was time to separate myself from the non-profit lifestyle when I had trouble affording to feed by 4 cats.  I had to let Karny go, and honestly – that broke my heart.  Karny was my favorite kitty, and I had rescued him from an neglectful owner over 6 years ago.

The Separation

lips sealedI felt like I lost a part of me when I left the non-profit lifestyle.  It was really difficult not to be that badass chick anymore.  I wanted to be somebody, and stand for something.

The hardest part was hiding my beliefs.  I’m a very opinionated woman, and in the work place outside of my non-profit I had to keep my lips sealed.

No woman should ever have to keep quiet over matters that they care about.  Freedom of speech is a right, but I know that if I start regularly voicing my opinions in the workplace that I won’t be making any friends.  I constantly have to remind myself that the goal is to make money, and keep afloat.

The goal is no longer…  Animal Rights.

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