The “Good People” Mirage

The “Good People” Mirage

As a continuation from my previous post entitled “Starting Out” in which I talked about the struggle of working for a non-profit; I’m going to fill ya’ll into something I call the “Good People” Mirage.

petaThere is no such thing as a good person.  Seriously!  Don’t even think about contacting me with a discussion on this topic.  Leave a it in the comments (if I even let you post).

Everyone is in it for themselves.  Even when I was deep in the non-profit cult lifestyle of PETA there was a big self-loathing towards the others in the group.  Other people were getting all the credit.  I wanted the credit!  I wanted to be the PETA lady who everyone listened to.

I don’t disagree that PETA is a great cause (join PETA) but living off a non-profit salary is next to impossible.  On top of that you don’t really learn how the world works.  Your more or less in a cult.  Cult life is what matters…  Rallies…  Signs…  Hate…

The people in PETA weren’t nice people.  Honestly, we were quite mean, rotten and nasty to anyone who disagreed with anything we believed in.

How’s that that for being a good person?


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