Starting Out

Starting Out

nonprofitBefore kids, my own business and success & fame there was just me working my days off at a non-profit.  I thought to myself that this non-profit was the best thing that I could be doing with my life.  I thought since I was doing something positive for the world that I would get something in return.

The Non-Profit Lifestyle

The non-profit lifestyle was much different than you’d think.  From the outside looking in we were never taken seriously because of how often we’d be ask for donations or how easy our work was thought to be.

The truth is that our work wasn’t that easy, and on top of it we were not getting paid much for it.  Saying that you’ve dedicated your life to working with the animal rights movement, and actually working with the animal rights movement are two completely different things.

Allison Green has a great article on What you should know before getting into a non-profit career.  To sum it up – you’re basically doing the same thing you’d be doing in a for profit for less pay, less fame, and “making a difference”.

As I revealed in on my About Page there is a reason I was on the street with three kids, and non-profits have a lot to do with it.

Note:  Please do not contact me requesting inside knowledge.  More content will come out soon.

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