My Story

My Story

I talked a lot in my two previous posts, starting out and the “good people” mirage.  I eluded to the fact that I was screwed over by a non-profit.  I was working with a non-profit after my early days in PETA of which I can’t say the name due to a non-disclosure agreement.

I can provide one hint however.  Follow this link to see the “Top-Rated Non-profits”.  The non-profit in which I ruined my life trying to serve is on this page.

Pros & Cons of Non-Profit Work

The Good:

  • Benefits (non-profits get a bargain deal on insurance for their members)
  • Time off (100% around their schedule, but when it happens it is plentiful!  My non-profit would give us two weeks every summer)
  • Positivity (people are filled with positivity)
  • Not-like-work (working for a non-profit is rewarding instead of taxing)

The Bad:

  • No Personal Life (seriously – you have zero time)
  • Cult like Atmosphere (sacrificing everything for the greater good of the cause even if that means skipping out on important special events)
  • No time for your family & friends outside of work (the biggest problem is the unreliable work/life balance)
  • Lack of life skill development (there are necessary skills needed to work outside of non-profits, and you learn zero of these while working with non-profit.)

regretsHonestly after spending 5 years working in a non-profit I deep down regret staying there that long, but don’t regret going there in the first place.  When I first got there I was far from a professional.  I was late almost everyday, and didn’t really do much.  I was shy, timid, and a nervous wreck speaking in front of people.

The non-profit I worked for really helped me become the person I am today.  It shaped me, and taught me many things.  There is definitely a lack of skill development like I mentioned earlier because sales is the key to economy.  Working in a non-profit never taught me how to harness my natural selling ability or that I needed to have alternate revenue streams to survive.

I think if I spent an even 3 years in self-development, and immediately went on to start my own business than that would be been a better route.  Creating your own business is one hell of a ride!

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